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Fortec Distribution Network invests in forklift training programme to support continued growth

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All new and existing warehouse staff at the Fortec Distribution Network hub are set to undergo an intensive, bespoke, in-house forklift truck training programme as the company ensures the right systems are in place to gear up for ambitious growth in 2018-19.

Fortec has recently invested in the training of two members of staff at its Watford Gap hub, giving them an AITT-accreditation (Association of Industrial Truck Trainers) which allows them to give refresher training to their colleagues and in-house training to all Fortec warehouse newcomers.

An added advantage of the investment is that Fortec will now be able to recruit candidates with no previous experience of forklift operation and train them to Fortec’s own high standards, meaning they will have the Fortec culture instilled in them from day one.

Dalwyn Leddington and Sergio Pereira each completed the intensive 10-day AITT course in order to become qualified trainers. Dalwyn completed the training at the Fortec hub, an environment in which he was already very familiar, and where he will train candidates going forward.

Dalwyn will train new and existing staff during the days, while Sergio will lead the training during the busier night shifts.

Although forklift training is usually a standard three days, newcomers to Fortec will spend their first two weeks shadowing and working closely with Dalwyn during the quieter days.

After two weeks Dalwyn will assess each newcomer individually, to see if they are ready to continue their training at the next level on the the busier night shift. If not, they will continue to build their experience during the days, before shadowing Sergio for a further two weeks.

At the end of the two weeks with Sergio they will again undergo an assessment, in which he will make a judgement on when they are ready to operate a forklift truck independently and without supervision.

Stuart White, Fortec’s UK and International Hub Manager said: “These are exciting times for Fortec. There is plenty of scope for growth for us, and we expect this investment in Dalwyn and Sergio will reap dividends time and time again as we seek to bring in the right employees in line with our growth – no matter how much or how little experience they have – and train them to our own high standards.

“The forklift truck training programme is just the first stage of upgrading our training systems here at Fortec. We are also looking at further training for operators using the shunters and our scissor lifts.

“By focusing on our systems within the warehouse we are ensuring we have the right skills and experience in place at Fortec to meet the demands of our customers and an evolving workplace.”

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