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Fortec service cements partnership between Nova Logistics and EJ

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Fortec service cements partnership between Nova Logistics and EJ

Alan Reason, Managing Director of Nova Logistics, said the Fortec service had been instrumental in the success of the relationship with EJ, an award-winning firm previously known as Peter Savage Ltd.

Based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, EJ are market leaders in the design, manufacture and distribution of manhole covers, access covers, gully gratings, channel drainage, surface boxes and access chambers.

The company has used the services of Nova Logistics – a subsidiary of Coventry-based Reason Transport – since 2012.

Nova Logistics was established specially to work with Fortec. Alan Reason said the network had offered a competitive advantage to work alongside quality members and has since gone from strength to strength.

Nova Logistics started working with Fortec in 2014 and introduced the network to the EJ contract the following year.

Alan Reason said the Fortec service had helped in the success of the EJ contract, as well as in contracts with other customers.

He said: “Fortec is a network with quality members, delivering exceptional service with a ‘we can’ culture. We enjoy an excellent relationship built on trust and respect in a commercial industry with total focus on the customer.”

David Spong, Network Director of Fortec, said: “We are delighted to have played an instrumental role in this fruitful relationship between Nova Logistics and EJ.  Indeed, it is one which very much epitomises our own ethos of delivering a quality service for the benefit of both our members and their customers.

“Nova Logistics is highly respected amongst the Fortec network and this new livery demonstrates the level of commitment on both sides between the company and EJ.”

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