Global CSR Strategy – Our Commitment to Customers

Global DSR Customers

Geodis’ global CSR strategy is organised around the Group’s four stakeholders: 
employees, customers, partners, and the community.

Through its operational expertise, Geodis promotes the development of its customers’ activities. To meet their expectations, the Group designs innovative solutions that optimize the economic, operational and environmental performance of their supply chain. And because its customers are facing the same challenges, Geodis brings them the benefits of its own approach to corporate social responsibility and supports them in achieving their ambitions.

Modelling CO2 emissions for goods flows

The Group started developing a CO2 calculator in 2010, and in 2011 Bureau Veritas Certification tested its reliability and performance. Geodis can use these calculations to bring customers optimised solutions, according to their cost, time and greenhouse gas emissions criteria. This tool can be used in the bid process to model emissions of three greenhouse gases:

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2),
  • Nitrogen protoxide (N2O)
  • Methane (CH4)

The tool can model end-to-end transport flows anywhere in the world, including pre- and post-shipment, irrespective of the means of transport, the type of goods and their packaging.

Using every means of transport

The combination of different means of transport is one of Geodis’ priorities for development, through its capacity to control all of its customers’ logistics flows and its command of all freight transport methods. This multimodal option offers new opportunities to customers in terms of operational and environmental performance.

Alternative, low-carbon transport solutions

Geodis is developing alternative transport solutions to encourage its customers to cut their CO2 emissions, while contributing to their quest for economic performance. For intercontinental freight, the Group delivers flexible solutions that combine transportation by air and by sea. This is a combination that achieves an optimal balance between economic and environmental performance:

  • Lead times are shorter than those of sea-only solutions,
  • Costs and environmental impacts are reduced in comparison with the use of air transport alone.

“Soft”, efficient urban logistics

Launched by Geodis in 2011, Distripolis is an urban freight transport program providing the basis for last-mile logistics solutions that place greater emphasis on the environment and city residents. In Paris, Geodis is aiming to slash its greenhouse gas emissions by 85% in 2015 compared with 2011, thanks to Distripolis. This program has also been extended to other cities in France (Lille, Strasbourg, Toulouse) as well as to Versailles outside Paris.
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Managing high-tech products throughout their life cycle
Geodis Logistics structured its offering for high-tech market customers (electronics, IT, telephone, health, etc.) in order to cover logistics requirements throughout the product life cycle. At every stage (start, middle and end of life), Geodis provides a full range of value-added solutions and services.

This offering includes inbound logistics in the production countries, recycling at end-of-life, configuration on the premises of end-customers, or repair and resale.
This solution is original for the way that all services are integrated through the Geodis Logistics platforms and customer activity managed via a dedicated control tower. For customers, an organization of this type is a guarantee of speed and efficiency. It also enables them to satisfy their environmental obligations when products reach the end of their service lives.