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Northamptonshire Pallet Network Solutions for Corporate businesses

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Northamptonshire Pallet Network Solutions for Corporate Businesses


Fortec Distribution Network is a leading palletised freight distributor specialising in time-critical deliveries and pallet logistics from our hub in Northamptonshire. Through this hub, we support local businesses as well as corporates throughout the UK with palletised freight network distribution to London, the UK, Europe, and beyond.


We offer a range of services including premium delivery, next-day delivery, and 48-hour delivery to ensure time-sensitive deliveries for businesses around Northampton. This service is designed to make your life easier, allowing you to focus on business development while our expert management team handle all the logistics of getting your products from A to B.


If you need a local pallet network to help you manage your logistics, contact us today.
Our team is right on your doorstep and can assist with all industries, products, and needs.

A Local Service with Global Reach

With our hub situated in  Watford Gap, we are perfectly placed for logistics to and from Northampton, Coventry, Milton Keynes, London and beyond. Our team work closely with clients to manage their needs be it through regular meetings, onsite visits or special delivery requests such as fragile freight and oversized pallets. 


Transparency, honesty, and a commitment to excellence are central to our identity and we work hard to ensure that your business thrives. Trust us with your pallet freight needs today and enjoy the benefits of a local service provider with a global reach.

Time-Critical Pallet Delivery
Services for Local Businesses


We offer a complete corporate logistic solution ideal for large businesses in and around Northampton
with 100% transparency and support. This includes;


  • A dedicated management team

  • Transparent tracking

  • API integrations to the MyNexus system

  • Scaling resources for seasonal peaks

  • Bespoke delivery plans

With a base close to home, we also support all communication and delivery needs with bespoke options. These include regular meetings in your offices, site visits, and the freedom to save costs by choosing to bring pallets directly to our hub. This closeness makes your business our business, allowing us to form long-term business relationships and understand your needs better.

We believe by working together, we can improve the economy as a whole and drive investment and growth through superior service delivery. If you want to be a part of this journey, or just want to know more about how we can help you get your products out the door, contact us today.


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We pride ourselves on fulfilling all your distribution requirements

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Local Services

National Services

International Services

Based in Northampton, we offer bespoke solutions to meet the specific freight distribution needs of your business

We provide a variety of nationwide delivery services, including same-day and next-day delivery across our range of pallet sizes and bespoke services

Our International service makes sending a pallet from Northampton to Naples as easy as Northampton to Nottingham

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Get in touch with the team today to find out more about Fortec Logistics, our extensive range of tailored services and how we can support your business.

+44 (0)1327 227830 (Option 2)

Fortec Logistics, Watling Park, Station Road, Watford Village, Northamptonshire, NN6 7XY

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