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Welcome to Fortec's Knowledge Centre

Created for customers and network members alike, our knowledge centre delivers our top tips and best-practice for palletised freight being sent through the Fortec network.

Here you can find out more about the Fortec Distribution Network and how the pallet network model works, plus all you need to know about how to present your goods to ensure they are delivered on time, in full.

Our team of logistics experts have used their industry knowledge to provide a range of simple guides and FAQs to help you avoid any transportation issues that could occur whilst your goods are in transit. For any further enquiries please email

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How a pallet network works

Fortec provides a tailored range of pallet delivery services across the UK, Europe and worldwide, but how does a pallet delivery network operate?


Pallet labelling process

Palletised freight must be labelled correctly before shipping. Here are some useful tips to avoid any errors when labelling your goods.


Pallet wrapping guidelines

Safely prepare palletised freight for delivery and follow this step-by-step guide.


European services

Our Connect service provides freight distribution across Europe and beyond.

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Restricted items

Prohibited or restricted items from our palletised freight services.

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Kerbside delivery

We deliver large, bulky, or heavy items to the kerbside. Find out more and ensure you are prepared for kerbside delivery.


Insuring your freight

It is essential that your freight is insured for damage, theft or loss when it comes to freight distribution.


Covid-19 Resources

As an essential service, we remain fully operational. Here is a wealth of resources to support your business throughout the pandemic.

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Covid-19 delivery FAQs

A selection of frequently asked questions to help support you with your deliveries during the coronavirus pandemic.

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