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We know that different customers have different requirements for their pallet delivery services. These could even vary on a weekly or daily basis. To cater for your changing business requirements we offer a tailored range of UK and European services.


Contact us to find out how we can help support your business.
Premium Delivery

Our Premium service includes a variety of pallet delivery options designed to suit business’s needs. You can choose to receive your goods from 10am, before midday or at a specific time to suit you. We can also deliver on Saturdays with our Premium service.

Next day

Our Next Day pallet delivery and collection service is for deliveries needing to reach their destination within 24 hours. This service operates throughout most of the UK. Along with our Premium service, it is designed for those deliveries that need to get there as quickly as possible.

48 hour

The 48 Hour pallet delivery service accommodates deliveries and collections throughout all of the UK that are not quite as urgent but still need to get there within 48 hours. This provides a more cost-effective option but still offers the same security and customer service Fortec offers.

Irish Services

Our services to Belfast and Dublin ensure you have a swift connection to Ireland with daily deliveries and collections to and from our Hub. The service is the same as our 48 hour pallet delivery service with the addition that we are able to offer 24 hour service in Dublin city centre.

Pall-Ex Group International Service

Speak to our Group International team today about our transit times,  International IT platform, and simple, fixed-rate tariffs.



At the centre of the network is our control facility, the hub – an established, dynamic and secure site where all our members exchange freight each night. The Fortec Hub achieves operational excellence through the principles of a Quality Improved Process (QIP). This sets targets on essential elements such as our scanning frequency, pallets moved per hour, and claims. Our QIP ensures we maintain excellent overall standards.

Vehicles entering and leaving the Hub each night work on a core regular schedule with pre-planned vehicle movements. Our highly skilled planning teamwork with the network daily to support safe and efficient pallet delivery services.

All pallets are tracked in and out of the Hub using real-time scanning which is CCTV monitored. This creates an environment where mistakes can be spotted and corrected immediately. This ensures our high service levels are on track before vehicles even depart.

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