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Covid-19 FAQs

Fortec Distribution Network is a leading UK pallet network that distributes thousands of consignments every day, and therefore an essential service during the coronavirus pandemic. We take the health and safety of our teams, members and customers seriously and continue to follow the latest government guidelines on social distancing and best practice to reduce the spread of the virus. 

Take a look at our questions below for more information:

Can I send pallets throughout the Covid-19 outbreak?

Yes. Fortec and its 70+ members throughout the UK have remained operational throughout the pandemic ensuring Britain's supply chain continues to move freely and consumer goods alongside essential items get from A to B.

Fortec supports the transport industry's status as an essential sector and will continue to work with the Association of Pallet Networks to minimise the impact of the virus on our economy.

Is it safe to receive a pallet during the Covid-19 outbreak?

Yes. We suggest that anyone sending or receiving pallets follow the latest government guidelines on social distancing and washing hands more frequently, however Public Health England have advised that there is no additional risk of infection for those receiving parcels or palletised freight.

Can I send freight to Europe during the Covid-19 outbreak?

Yes. Through Fortec's relationship with Pall-Ex, international services are operating as normal, however these services may be subject to delays depending on the receiving country's lockdown restrictions and border controls. 

How will you deliver my pallet safely?

All Fortec deliveries are completed contact-free in line with the government guidelines on social distancing. Kerbside deliveries are the standard across the network, any additional delivery requirements, such as pallet removal and handballing has been suspended.


Additionally, we have suspended our usual sign-for process and instead drivers will input the recipients full name as proof of delivery and our tracking capabilities are fully operational.

For any further questions regarding the impact of Covid-19 on pallet deliveries, please call the Fortec team on 01327 227 830.

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