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How a pallet network works

Fortec Distribution Network is a leading UK pallet network that distributes thousands of consignments every day, specialising in time-critical deliveries. This is done via its strategically located network of more than 70 members.

So, what is a pallet network? A pallet distribution network is a group of transport and haulage companies, each handling a specific region usually based on their business postcode and all transport professionals in their own right.

Each transport company collects consignments from within their own region and transports these to our Northamptonshire Hub, where consignments from all over the UK and Ireland are consolidated into destination bays and despatched out, via the delivering member to their destination region. From there they are loaded on smaller vehicles and delivered to the end customer – usually with 24 hours.

This is known as a ‘Hub and Spoke’ model, and is used successfully at Fortec Distribution Network to make timely, efficient and greener deliveries.

Fortec is part of the Pall-Ex Group, forming part of the largest collection of transport companies in the UK. Through Pall-Ex, Fortec also provides a range of European and International services - all supported by a team of experts and a robust IT platform.

Because pallets are large and heavy, Fortec completes deliveries at the kerbside, keeping drivers, customers and the wider public safe. 

What is a pallet?

A pallet is a large wooden crate or platform that goods are stacked on securely, using wrap and strapping. Those goods can then be safely stored and transported and are moved and lifted by forklifts into large lorries for delivery.

What can I send on a pallet?

Most items can be sent through pallet freight distribution, including fragile and delicate loads.

There are some items which are restricted and prohibited.


You can read our list of prohibited items here.

What size are pallets?

There are standard UK domestic sized pallets and European sized pallets in full, half and quarter sizes – at Fortec Distribution Network we provide all options.

It is important that customers choose the right size of pallet and that they know how to optimise the space when packing. Choosing a pallet that is too small will result in an overhang and can lead to damaged goods.

Why choose pallet delivery?

Millions now choose pallet networks as their preferred means of transportation and distribution. At Fortec we deliver pallets on behalf of both companies and individuals.

Get in touch with our sales team on 01327 227 830 (opt 4) or email

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