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Insuring your freight

Delivering your freight safely, on-time and in-full underpins our network-wide promise to deliver quality services for customers throughout the UK.


Insuring your freight correctly is an important element for every delivery. The right insurance is vital to ensuring your goods are covered in the rare event that palletised goods are lost or damaged. 


As members of the Road Haulage Association (RHA) we adhere to the RHA’s ‘Conditions of Carriage’. This means our standard level of insurance for your freight is £1,300 per tonne (the RHA industry standard), ensuring a maximum of £1.30 is awarded for every kilogram of freight lost or damaged during transport.



How to avoid freight damage or loss


Less than 1% of freight transported through the Fortec Distribution Network is damaged or lost, and we are committed to bringing this figure down even further.

Damage can be prevented by ensuring pallets are not overloaded, that goods are packaged correctly and are strapped and wrapped to the pallet to prevent the freight from shifting around during transportation.


In addition to the RHA's Conditions of Carriage, we also provide additional coverage for international freight distribution, known as CMR. This is a legal requirement for all hauliers that carry cargo to Europe.

The value of this international coverage is calculated based on the value of Special Drawing Rights, which awards just over £8.00 per kilogram.

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