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Kerbside delivery 

Pallet networks were traditionally designed for the B2B sector to provide an efficient logistics solution for palletised freight in the UK. Due to the heavy and bulky nature of goods on pallets, specialist equipment is required to load and unload from delivery vehicles. 

In recent years we have seen an increase in the demand for palletised freight to be delivered to domestic addresses, instead of businesses, which is why the Fortec Distribution Network uses a system called kerbside delivery when delivering pallets to addresses that do not have specialist equipment on site, often home addresses.

What is kerbside delivery?

Kerbside delivery means items will be deposited to the nearest kerbside of the address specified, rather than directly to your door.


Our drivers will drive their vehicle to the closest access point to the delivery address. It is then the responsibility of the customer to transfer the delivery from the kerbside to the address.


How can we help you with kerbside delivery?

Our trained drivers use a pallet lift to safely unload any pallets you have ordered from the truck to the ground.


We will always ensure your goods are left in a safe and secure location.

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