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It is no secret that service performance in London has often fallen below national averages across all UK pallet networks, with freight distributors facing many challenges in urban areas. Parking restrictions, high levels of congestion, Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) and hard-to-reach locations all contribute to the difficulties faced by hauliers operating in the capital, but Pall-Ex Group has the solution.

The London Project is a sector-first solution to the final mile delivery challenges that are presented in London. This has resulted in a more efficient and focused operation and has seen delivery service levels around the city remain above 95% since it was introduced in late 2021.

After analysing the key issues, the Pall-Ex Group identified 13 territories in and around London, using depot location, vehicle management, and freight volume data.  In order to maximise efficiency and profitability via improved route planning, members were allocated zones specifically for them, with commercial opportunities within their areas solely theirs to utilise. Each member is a Pall-Ex Group shareholder, operating exclusively for both its UK networks, Pall-Ex and Fortec.

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Full coverage of every London Postcode

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Minimum guaranteed service levels of 95%

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Premium and economy services to suit every budget

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Accompanied by a market-leading product offering

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