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Within the palletised freight distribution sector, Fortec is proud to offer the widest and most-balanced range of products available.

Our comprehensive range of pallet dimensions are supported by award-winning IT infrastructure, providing full track and trace coverage of your freight throughout the network. 

Supporting freight consignments up to 1250kg, Fortecs products are an industry best-in-class pallet size solution, giving you the most flexible and cost-effective options to send your goods.

We will go the extra mile to facilitate your need with our variety of seamless, streamlined palletised freight services as we continue to expand across the globe.


With our new and improved product range, you're able to choose the most suitable pallet size for your freight, making the most of the space and lowering costs for both you and your customers



Here at Fortec, we recognise that some bespoke orders may require different levels of service, and we are able to accommodate for even the most complex of requirements.

Our oversized pallet options gives your company a cost-effective and flexible option for your larger goods, without any hidden oversized surcharges.

Send freight up to 4.1 metres in length with a maximum weight limit of 1250 kilograms.


A cost effective and secure option for sending your large, bulky parcels.

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A pallets natural integrity protects bulky items that are more susceptible to damage in a parcel distribution environment.

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The Parcel Pallet has a height limit of 1m and a weight capacity of 150kg, allowing you to send a large parcel or multiple parcels safely and securely. 

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Keep your pence per kilo costs down, but still hit next-day service windows to optimise your logistic process.

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Track your shipment using MyNexus, our award-winning freight tracking system, making it easier to check the status of your consignments.

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Freight can be combined into bundles destined for the same location, combining speed and efficiency and reducing the risk of delay.

Get in touch to find out how our services can benefit your business

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