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Pallet Labelling Process

Clear and correct labelling is one of the most important steps in connecting your freight with its destination.

The importance of labels for palletised freight

We will provide you with a Fortec Distribution Network compliant label, which contains all the information we need to undertake the delivery. The barcode allows our team to scan and register your consignment, ensuring we know where it is at every step on its route.

Take a moment to familiarise yourself with these simple pointers and be assured that we will do the rest.

Keep your labels clean and dry

Clean and dry labels help, so ideally please place your labels around 30cm from the ground.

Choose a suitable surface

Choose a suitable surface for your labels. Some labels do not adhere well to surfaces such as wood, brick, and cold steel.

Attach labels to the front and centre of your pallet

Pallets are loaded and unloaded with labels facing outwards, to ensure every pallet can be scanned during it's delivery journey. Fix one label on the front of the pallet in the centre so that our scanning equipment can register the barcode easily.

Struggling to stick? Staple your labels

There are times when your labels simply will not stick. If this happens please staple your labels to the pallet base or crate, and ensure they are facing upwards.

Do not fold your labels

Please do not fix labels to the top of your freight or wrap them around corners.

Ensure your labels are visible

To ensure labels are sealed smoothly and presented as levelly and as flat as possible we would ask you not to stick them to irregularly shaped surfaces or apply wrap over the top of your labels. It is essential your labels are as visible as possible.

Why it is important to correctly label your freight?

  • Avoid delivery delays by making sure your freight is always labelled

  • Ensure your freight is correctly labelled to avoid it being delivered to the wrong address

An unlabelled or mis-labelled pallet can lead to damage to your businesses’ reputation and frustration for both your customers and staff. Correcting these issues can also be costly in both time and money, so read all these labelling tips carefully and ensure your freight is labelled clearly and securely.

Concerns? Give us a call!

If your freight is irregularly shaped, overhangs the pallet base, or causes any concern at all, please contact your local Fortec Distribution Network member for further guidance or contact the Fortec Distribution Network team on 01327 227 830.

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