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Two years on from the acquisition of the Fortec Distribution Network

It has been two years since the Fortec Distribution Network was purchased by Pall-Ex Group’s subsidiary company For-Ex Distribution Network Ltd

Since the buyout, Fortec has continued to operate as a separate network within the UK while also being part of the overall Pall-Ex Group of companies.

Both companies have gone from strength to strength as a result of the acquisition.

Between them, Pall-Ex and Fortec have a combined total of around 160 network members operating across the UK to deliver palletised freight to thousands of customers each day.

Fortec’s warehouse at Walting Park, Northamptonshire, added an additional 210,000 sqft of hub space to Pall-Ex Group’s capacity, bringing the total up to 600,000 sqft, allowing both networks the opportunity to increase their volume of freight deliveries.

Fortec has benefitted from Pall-Ex’s support through the introduction of Pall-Ex’s unique shareholder model.

Many of the independent hauliers that make up Fortec’s shareholder network have opted to become shareholder members, putting them in the driving seat when it comes to how the business is run.

Fortec has seen substantial growth since the acquisition, something which has been further boosted by the access that they gained to Pall-Ex’s international service, Pall-Ex Connect.

The takeover provided Fortec with the advantage of having access to Pall-Ex’s Core Operational system, Nexus, which allows customers full visibility when tracking their deliveries.

This has put many of these shareholder members on the road to growth through the access they have gained to both B2C (business-to-consumer) pallet delivery and the European market.


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