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Bridgetime Transport toasts ten years of success with Fortec

Bridgetime Transport,  Fortec's Cwmbran-based member is toasting ten years of successful growth over the past decade.

Robbie Evans, director and co-owner of Bridgetime Transport, said he and his colleagues were novices to the overnight pallet distribution industry at the point of joining the Fortec Distribution Network back in 2007.

But over the past ten years his company has shown continued steady growth. Whereas Fortec made up about 10 per cent of Bridgetime’s business at the end of its first year, today that figure has risen to 30 per cent and still continues to rise.

Robbie said: “There is no doubt the pallet networks in general have revolutionised the logistics industry in the UK.

“The market is more competitive – you have to make sure you provide a cost effective solution but you also have to provide high levels of customer service.

“Through Fortec we are able to do just that, because it is an excellent network. We have never lost an overnight customer due to a lack of service. The service levels are consistently high.”

Robbie said all pallet networks in the UK were showing organic growth. With less of a desire for businesses to hold stock, and more demand for just-in-time, next-day services, the amount of freight passing through the networks continues to rise steadily.

Although Fortec is facing increasing demand in terms of volumes and service, Robbie said one of its major advantages was the can-do attitude and close working relationship between its 84 members.

He said: “Fortec on the whole is a harmonious, almost family orientated network. The depot principals such as myself all get to know each other on a personal basis through social and business activities, many of which are organised through Fortec. And we place a big emphasis on being able to communicate with each other on the same level.

“When a problem arises it becomes much easier to pick up the phone to someone you’ve come to know and built a relationship with. Everyone buys into this ethos and from it comes a quality of service which underpins Fortec’s success.”

Formed in 1993 with just two trailers, Bridgetime Transport today employs 85 people, operates a fleet of 50 HGVs and operates 40 trailers.


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