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Drivers take a seat for the county’s first Forklift truck competition

Congratulations to our duo of Forklift drivers, who excelled in Northamptonshire’s very first Forklift Truck Driver Competition 2019.

Kristaps Puisans, 34, and Dmitrij Cernicjuk, 26, who represented Fortec Distribution Network and parent company GEODIS, joined drivers from over other 30 other transport and logistics companies to compete in this competition with a difference.

The competition saw the duo manoeuvre  footballs into goals and rugby balls over posts – with the event challenging drivers to showcase their skill, speed and accuracy.

Although our drivers didn’t scoop the top prize on the day they were praised by senior management for their professionalism, commitment and skill.

John Bisland, Night Operations Manager at Fortec, joined the team at the competition and said: “This is a great opportunity for our drivers to demonstrate their skills. Although the vehicles were very different to the ones we use in our warehouses our drivers were exceptional - displaying quick precision and driving at their very best.. This has been an important competition, that gives forklift drivers the opportunity to showcase their skills and gain recognition for their hard work.”

Stuart White, Fortec’s UK and International Hub Manager said: “These are exciting times. Last year we launched a new forklift truck training programme, investing in staff. This also means we can recruit candidates with no previous experience of forklift operation and train them to Fortec’s own high standards, meaning they will have the Fortec culture instilled in them from day one.

“Our forklift truck training programme is just the first stage of upgrading our training systems here at Fortec. We are also looking at further training for operators using the shunters and our scissor lifts.

“By focusing on our systems within the warehouse we are ensuring we have the right skills and experience in place at Fortec to meet the demands of our customers and an evolving workplace. High standard Forklift driving has nothing to do with speed. It is about listening to instructions, having the confidence to make decisions but also not being over-confident. We work in confined spaces and have a duty of care.”

Fortec Distribution Network look forward to taking part in the Forklift Driving competition next year!


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