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Harbour Transport joins Fortec to diversify and expand

Poole-based haulier Harbour Transport Ltd has joined Fortec Distribution Network – diversifying their operations just in time to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions and closures.

The company, which became an official member of the pallet network on the eve of the country’s COVID-19 lock-down, lost its main workload overnight due to shop closures. Thanks to joining the network though, Harbour Transport has been able to keep the business moving and revenue coming in.

Owner and Managing Director David Buik, who runs the company with Transport Manager Dean Fox, said:

“Before joining Fortec we were primarily delivering stock all over the country to Lush stores, a UK handmade cosmetics business. This meant our vehicles were on the road all night and largely unused in the day.

“When the lock-down was announced Lush shops closed and our work abruptly stopped. Fortunately, by joining Fortec, we had already made the decision to diversify and had secured an alternative stream of revenue. The Fortec team have been by our side at every step and are known in our industry for their high-quality service. We believe this partnership to be a perfect match.”

Neil Adams, Regional Commercial Manager (RCM) for Fortec Distribution Network, said:

“Harbour Transport have never belonged to a pallet network before, so I approached them last year to talk about Fortec. After reflecting on the proposition, they came back to me in the New Year, asking to join our pallet network and keen to cover the BH postcode.

“We made a few changes to create room for this this highly experienced business and from day one they have achieved excellent service levels. Their drivers are never far from any delivery or collection address and the team know the local area inside out.”

In preparation for joining Fortec Distribution Network, Harbour Transport secured new and larger premises and invested in a Fortec-branded trailer. They have a team of drivers, three of whom are dedicated to Fortec work.

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Erin Fields
Erin Fields
01 ago 2022

Thiis was great to read

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