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Helping Members' businesses grow

Support with all your marketing needs is just one of the many benefits that comes with being a Fortec Distribution Network member.

Our members have access to as much support as they want and need – everything from print marketing and telesales support, to public relations and digital marketing.

Fortec Distribution Network members also receive help with website design and launches, social media planning and press releases to generate valuable media coverage.

Your customers – as well as your potential customers – want and need to understand your brand, what your company is about and what you are most proud of.

Whatever you need, we have the skills, tools, and expertise to help you deliver the best and most effective marketing strategies.


Abby Langley, Head of Group Marketing:

“We are here to support all our members and can offer a full range of marketing expertise – a new website, brochures and leaflets, professional photography and support with social media. We also work with our external PR agency to ensure our members get the absolute best news coverage. Essentially, we are a creative agency at your disposal. We can come to meetings, offer advice and support and are here for our members – offering as much support as you could possibly need. “

Do not just take our word for it

Synergix Logistics Solutions co-director Anthony says support from Fortec’s marketing team has been key to the company’s launch and success: “The marketing team designed us a new website, helped us create business cards, leaflets, brochures and more. We would never have had the time or expertise to do this ourselves and this support means we can now promote our services beyond our existing customer database. We are ambitious and confident about the future.”

Our marketing offer includes:

  • Sales and marketing folders - co-branded marketing inserts and folders

We have standard inserts available that give an insight into Fortec Distribution Network as a company, our services, and the cutting-edge technology we provide for members and your customers.

Members are invited to use these inserts, which can be co-branded and easily amended to include your company details, branding, images of your own fleet and additional services. Designs and print-ready files can be created for you free-of-charge

We can also provide you with folders that can be used to hold the inserts, a business card, and any other marketing materials you have.

  • Websites

Websites are your business’ ‘online shop window’ so make sure you display all the information needed to allow potential customers to make an informed decision about your business.

We have the technology in-house to create bespoke member websites. These will include your own brand, details, and images.

  • Social media marketing

Social media is a great tool for brand awareness and showcasing your company’s abilities. We can help – setting up channels and planning and scheduling content.

  • Email signatures

We can create bespoke email signatures for you, including your logo and contact information. If you would like us to create you a professional email signature, please let us know.

  • Professional photography

We have an experienced photographer on our team, who can travel to your depot and take high-quality images for press releases, websites, or marketing campaigns.

  • News coverage

We work with an external PR agency to ensure that you get the best news coverage and that your brand is successfully promoted in your area.


Shareholder membership

With an ethos of delivering quality services nationwide, a Fortec shareholder membership delivers a wealth of additional benefits designed to help you deliver the best logistics services for your customers. Becoming a shareholder member will allow your business to become a national and international service provider to your customers, offering cost-effective and time-critical services.

Find out more about becoming a member here:


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