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In the Spotlight with Harry Laverick

From logistical planning to marketing and technology development the Pall-Ex Group team consists of a wide range of skill sets. Collectively, we all work together to expand our networks and provide the best service possible to our members, customers and Master Licensee’s.

Our marketing team is key to this endeavour. Harry Laverick is the Group Assistant Marketing Manager at Pall-Ex who manages all the design and marketing materials that go out the door. We sat down with Harry to find out more about the team behind our marketing success.

What is your role at Pall-Ex?

My primary role is to overlook the design elements for the Pall-Ex Group which we distribute across offline and online media.

The majority of my time is spent working with the team to design work for the membership which includes; flyers, social media assets, websites, signage and various forms of sales support. Essentially we are a creative digital agency for members, something unique to Pall-Ex and Fortec.

Apart from member work I help support large-scale internal projects, whether it be helping roll out health and safety initiatives or supporting HR with recruitment campaigns and staff benefit schemes.

Other things include creating/planning engaging content across the Pall-Ex and Fortec social media channels/websites whether this is blogs, PR, animation, video or imagery.

Corporate events are also a large part of the marketing role; events include race days, football hospitality, golf days and annual award events along with ad-hoc events throughout the year.

As an Assistant Marketing Manager, what projects do you look forward to the most?

Event project management is definitely something I look forward to the most, all the weeks of planning and hard work are worth it when it comes to the day and you see everyone enjoying the event.

Every event I’ve taken part in since being with the Pall-Ex Group has had outstanding feedback including our large-scale annual event with over 700 attendees.

What qualities would you say are integral for anyone looking to work in marketing?

Be creative and not be afraid to just get on with things. A lot of the time marketing can be very reactive and having that creative flair while you’re working across multiple projects is essential. Risk taking is also integral as a lot of the time the most unusual methods are the most effective.

Pall-Ex offers clients and members so many benefits, what do you think is the most unique?

I think the most unique is our marketing services available to each of our members. Essentially, they all have a team of five marketing experts on hand to assist with anything they need. All designs are unique to them and not just a reused template. This bespoke approach is something we take pride in.

What playlist is essential for boosting your creativity?

Can't go wrong with a good indie playlist.

What is the strangest consignment you have heard of or seen in the warehouse?

Essentially a full trailer of carousel horses.

How does the Pall-Ex marketing team manage communications with so many different languages and requirements?

We are lucky that we have a great relationship with our international Master Licensee’s, many of whom speak good English which eases the translation processes of documents and marketing promotions. Along with this, Pall-Ex Group itself is very diverse meaning there are a lot of internal staff members who can speak a range of languages making it very easy to manage communications.

What type of marketing do you think benefits your members the most?

I think the digital aspects of marketing we provide members with benefit them the most. A lot of the time our members are experts on the operational side but have little marketing experience.

Having access to help with social media assets/planning, website building/optimisation and much more through the Pall-Ex Group marketing team allows them to build their online presence and provides an extra platform for them to market from.

This support allows them to continue delivering excellence operationally while we support their marketing efforts.

What challenges do you think the international logistics industry will need to overcome in the next 10 years?

I think grappling with the new way of doing business, Covid-19 has brought plenty of challenges across the industry and changes directly to the way we do operations and I think it’s unpredictable what the next big change could be over the next 10 years.

It was great sitting down with Harry to hear about his experiences within Pall-Ex Group and the insight and creativity he brings to work every day.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our leading palletised freight services or how you can become part of the Pall-Ex team contact us today.


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