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Les Smith Haulage joins the Fortec Distribution Network

A new partnership between Swindon-based family firm Les Smith Haulage and the Fortec Distribution Network has hit the ground running.

Since joining the national network in February this year the company, which has been run by three generations of the same family, has increased its input by 900 per cent.

And the directors are aiming to continue expanding the Fortec arm of the business as part of their company’s own continued development.

Nick Smith, Company Director, said: “We joined Fortec following the demise of our previous pallet network. We are covering the SN postcode for them.

“There was an immediate rapport and as soon as we joined we invested in a Fortec-branded truck, as well as Fortec branding for our warehouse, which we believe demonstrates our mutual commitment.”

Nick added: “Fortec is the ideal network partner for us as it isn’t too big or too small. At the moment it makes up about 10 per cent of our business but this will grow over time. In the meantime, being part of the network is proving to a highly cost effective facility and has already delivered huge advantages.”

Les Smith Haulage was established in 1975. Following the sad passing of Mr Smith earlier this year, the business is run by his three sons Tony, Danny and Nick, who all joined between the ages of 16 and 18.

Three years ago Tony’s son Craig also joined the business, followed by Danny’s son Keiran, aged 16, who joined in July this year, taking up a Transport and Logistics Apprenticeship.

The company, which operates out of a 36,000 sq ft warehouse in Kelvin Road, employs 42 people, operates a fleet of 36 and serves a significant number of local customers.

Nick added: “We started off inputting items such as packaging, shop fittings and high-value print through the network, and as the Fortec side of our business grew, by July, we had more than doubled our input every night.

“It was however from the beginning of August when things really took off.  We started putting food packaging through the network which further grew our input by an extra 147 per cent per week.  We expect this to continue rising over time.

“We have an excellent relationship with Fortec as well as the other members across the country. Both Fortec and its members demonstrate the same values as ours – to achieve success for all customers. We are another cog in a well-oiled machine and our investment in joint livery is testament to our faith in a long and prosperous future with the network.”


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