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Meet the scanning app design team

The design team behind a new pallet scanning app attended the Fortec Distribution Network national gathering last month to meet members and discuss the new technology.

Fortec Distribution Network launched its Track-IT app earlier this year, following an ongoing collaboration and partnership project with software developers, tmWare.

Kieron Coughlin, managing director at tmWare explained: “We have worked with Fortec Distribution Network for over 11 years which puts us in a really good position to fully understand their business requirements and how they differ from our other logistics clients.

“Fortec members want to know where their pallet is at every stage of the journey, and that it is safe and accounted for – the Track-IT app allows them to clearly follow the route. It is easily our biggest transport management system, but it is not the end of our collaboration, and we are very excited to be launching our hub scanning app very soon.”

Adrian Bradley, Managing Director of Fortec Distribution Network added: “We went to tmWare at the beginning of 2019 with a very clear plan to improve our scanning systems and end all manual tracking so that our members can easily follow the journey and progress of their pallets from start to finish.

“To have been able to develop such a user-friendly app, which uses the latest technology has only been possible because of our working relationship with tmWare, and we love hearing from our members who have given us some fantastic feedback so far.”

Fortec are also working with tmWare on the next phase of Track-IT which will improve scanning processes at the pallet network’s HQ – ‘The Hub’.

Pictured below, L-R: Usman Shafiq, Jon Allsop, developers and Kieron Coughlin, managing director, tmWare


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