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Pallet Distribution Needn't Cost The Earth

The climate surrounding environmental conservation is heating up, and at Fortec we are driving greener solutions for the distribution of palletised goods across the UK and beyond through our Pallet Network. With both goods manufacturers and consumers wanting to reduce their impact on the environment, a pallet network means smaller carbon footprints, and in some cases clients achieving a carbon-neutral result.

Classically, perceptions around greener services and products are not the friendliest to our pockets whether as a manufacturer, distributor or consumer. However, the UK pallet network model initially devised to provide cost-effective final-mile logistics solutions, also reduces the environmental impact of goods distribution.

The Association of Pallet Networks (APN) states that any potential UK customer is, on average, 6 miles from a pallet network member giving a greater consolidation to freight movement around the country. Furthermore, The APN gives weight to the benefit of a palletised goods network by sharing data that vehicles are averaging a 73% fill rate against a far lower 51% fill rate in other road freight sectors. By delivering a near 50% increase in trunk capacity, an estimated 800 fewer vehicles are needed to deliver from A to B through a pallet network - Reducing congestion, noise pollution, carbon footprints and other noxious gas emissions. Not only will joining a UK Pallet Network ease your environmental conscience but will also yield an improved financial result for your business. The use of a UK Pallet Network to distribute palletised goods enables a reduction in fuel costs and wear and tear to your fleet due to the reduced mileage necessary to distribute goods. You also can increase your coverage, whether within the UK or further afield, and your choice of timed services to clients by utilising the efficient logistics process a pallet network offers.

As a member of Fortec Distribution Network, you are able to reap what you sow; meaning you can expand and grow your logistics business alongside us, drawing support where needed from our pool of resources and experienced team. Fortec Distribution Network delivers pallet distribution across the UK without costing the earth.

Statistics sourced from The APN Website


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