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“Being part of a shareholder network strengthens our position as a transport company”

Bridgetime Transport on the benefits of being a Pall-Ex Group shareholder member

Fortec Distribution Network’s shareholder member offering gives transport companies across the UK the opportunity to buy shares and shape the future of the entire Pall-Ex Group.

The new scheme was implemented when Fortec became part of the Pall-Ex Group of companies earlier this year and is open to all existing members and any new members wishing to join.

Multi award winning company, Bridgetime Transport based in Cwmbran, Wales has been praised for its commercial excellence, business approach and employee focus since becoming a Fortec member in 2006.

Robbie Evans, the Founder and Managing Director, has had shares in the Pall-Ex Group since October 2019. We caught up with Robbie to talk about what his shareholder status means to him.

First, tell us a little bit about Bridgetime Transport

I founded the company in 2003 and have grown the business from scratch in that time. We had just four members of staff at the beginning and now we have a turnover of £8.5 million and 85 employees.

Our fleet now includes over 100 vehicles, trucks , trailers and vans, and we are proud to cover all aspects of the logistics business, including overnight pallets, full load and groupage, import and export (road, sea and air ) storage, parcels, pick and pack and commercial workshop facilities.

We have been recognised with a numer of award wins for our business approach too – including Best Newcomer and Commercial Excellence at Fortec’s annual awards, and Best Employer and Best Business at the national Best Business Awards in 2018.

What were your reasons for joining Fortec Distribution Network?

I strongly believe that any serious logistics business needs to be in a pallet network, so it was always in our business plan to join one. The mutual support and cooperation among Fortec members is incredible and really stood out for us when we were looking at networks. When an opportunity came about in the NP postal code area we jumped at the chance.

How have you benefitted from being a Fortec member?

We send two nightly trunks into Fortec and take two out – that’s approximately 100 pallets each way every night.

The other aspect is the camaraderie among fellow Fortec members and staff, certainly in recent years. They have been a massive support and we all pull together to help each other resolve problems - it’s a very helpful and valuable network to be part of.

And what about COVID? How has Fortec supported you through the challenges and what are your ambitions now?

I go back to what I said earlier about Fortec being such a supportive group – from the staff to the members. COVID has been like a life-threatening operation to our business and there is still lots of uncertainty, but I am confident we have the ability to adapt and survive.

It’s my goal to protect our employees, their health and jobs, whilst we go through these worrying times. It is no easy fix, but I am committed to making the correct decisions with my management team. Fortec will certainly contribute to us getting through this period.

You are already a Pall-Ex Group shareholder – what has been your experience so far?

I have been a Pall-Ex shareholder since 2019 so I was very happy when the network voted to become part of the Pall-Ex Group earlier this year.

I believe that being part of a shareholder network strengthens our position as a transport company – it means we are invested and included in the day to day running of the network but also its future.

In the long term it encourages all members to provide the best price, the best service, and the best pallet size offerings. We intend to purchase more shares within the Pall-Ex Group for all these reasons.

What would you say to other members looking to become shareholder members within Fortec and invest into the Pall-Ex Group of companies?

Being an official shareholder is a sign of our commitment and investment in the Group, and gives all the members even more reason to play a part in its success.

I strongly recommend all Fortec members consider these exciting new shareholder options. We are certainly excited about the future of the network and the wider Pall-Ex Group – it is in our best interests to help it succeed.


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