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The benefits of what3words

What is what3words?

Founded in 2013, what3words is an easy tool implemented globally, helping individuals to pinpoint specific locations.

A what3words address is a unique combination of three words across every 3-metre square of the globe. These words are unique and randomly assigned, being the easiest way to find and share exact locations, benefitting millions.

Numerous companies use what3words to refine their efficiency and customer service, especially when operating in the logistics industry. what3words doesn’t only support businesses, it also aids emergency services all around the world, locating those in need of assistance.

What are the benefits?

A recurring difficulty impacting customer experience is the struggle in detecting a precise delivery location promptly and efficiently. By using what3words this can be prevented.

Postcodes in large rural areas can present various challenges for delivery drivers, as street addresses don’t always direct those to the correct entrance.

By using a simple format for ease of use, what3words improves efficiencies and enhances customer experience, offering smoother journeys when addressing is inaccurate and inadequate.

How Fortec is benefitting from using what3words?

Pall-Ex Group and what3words have collaborated, focusing on resolving the challenges faced when delivering goods, allowing customers to add a what3words address to their delivery location within its sector leading IT system, Nexus, improving the experience of thousands of customers.

The integration is a first in the pallet network sector, making it easier for members and customers of both, Fortec and Pall-Ex networks to pinpoint the exact location of their deliveries.

Enhancing urban deliveries

Fortec member, LHT Logistics, based in North-East London understand the impact that may be experienced in urban areas, providing collections and delivery services in the heart of the capital.

Managing Director of LHT Logistics, Ben Ruby, explains how what3words will refine the customer experience and that of his drivers.

He comments: “Operating in and around central London means we face challenges everyday when it comes to finding the right address and entrance to a delivery point.

“Fortec adopting what3words within Nexus removes any confusion of where an address is relating to, helping our drivers make much more efficient deliveries which in turn makes our customers happy too. It has made a real difference to our day to day operation!”

Accuracy for delivery in rural areas

As well as urban areas, rural postcodes can present unique obstacles, with large areas covered by just one address.

what3words removes this challenge thanks to its precise location functionality.

Fortec member, Vallance Transport, operating in and around Devon cover a range of rural and urban areas.

Managing Director, Nick Vallance, says: “We are really happy with the introduction of what3words into the Fortec delivery and collection process.

“Our depot handles a large number of B2C deliveries across a very large and mostly rural delivery area. This means that many private addresses have house names rather than street numbers and they share the same post code with other private dwellings up and down the South West’s leafy lanes.

“Drivers particularly struggle to find farmhouses when armed only with a postcode. what3words will make locating farmhouses and residential addresses a much more simple task and we very much welcome this development.”

This is an advantage to both Fortec members and customers, simplifying kerbside delivery, providing the precise location every time.

It’s an effortless way of informing delivery drivers and can be integrated into existing technology.

This enhances the performance of logistics, where customers can receive a more accurate ETA, providing solutions where there are none.


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