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Warehouse to Wheels Delivers First Graduate

Fortec's Warehouse to Wheels scheme has recently delivered its first graduate after being implemented earlier this year.

The programme puts warehouse staff in the driving seat by giving them the training needed to progress from Fork Lift Truck (FLT) positions into HGV driver roles.

Wander Dos Santos, Fortec’s first Warehouse to Wheels graduate, started his journey at the Northamptonshire based logistics company four years ago as a FLT driver and quickly progressed within the company to become a team leader.

The Warehouse to Wheels scheme has helped to accelerate his career further by providing him with the opportunity to gain his HGV license.

The programme was put in place to help ease the pressures on the industry from the driver shortage and is a great way to encourage more people into HGV driving roles.

In 2021, the Road Haulage Association predicted that the UK was short of 100,000 HGV drivers due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit, two things which had a great impact on an industry that was already struggling to fill vacancies.

Haulage firms, such as the Fortec Distribution Network, have felt the pressures caused by the shortage which resulted in supermarkets struggling to fill shelves and petrol stations unable to keep up with the demand.

The driver shortage is now estimated to have decreased to 65,000 thanks to driver training schemes such as Warehouse to Wheels.

Wander undertook training that was funded by Fortec, allowing him to pass his Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) and gain his HGV license meaning he is now able to drive vehicles up to 44 tonnes on the public highway.

With the estimated cost of HGV driver training being around £4,000, having businesses help with this cost is essential to easing the worker shortage.

His attainment of this sought-after qualification has increased his earning potential and put him on the road to an exciting new career.

In turn, this also benefits Fortec because they have access to another HGV driver to add to their workforce during a time when the industry is in need of people to fill these positions.

Stuart White, General Manager at Fortec, comments:

"I am very proud of Wander as this is a massive achievement for him with a lot of hard work going in to the process. This also demonstrates that we are investing in our team and want to give people the opportunity and training to progress within the business"

Having warehouse employees, such as Wander, gaining their HGV licenses will help the Fortec Distribution Network continue to deliver the quality service they are known for.

It is hoped that increased pay and improved facilities will encourage more people to consider HGV driving as a career option, particularly if the funding is in place to assist them in achieving their goals.

Visit for more details about the vacancies available at Fortec Distribution.


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