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Restricted Items

The Fortec Hub and our nationwide network of members are proud to transport your palletised freight safely, securely and on time to your destination. We have an ethos of delivering quality services for your goods throughout the UK, Europe and beyond, however, often due to UK and EU laws, there are some items that are prohibited for transport through our network.

Before you book the transport of your goods, please ensure that the contents of your shipment does not fall into any of the categories below:

Prohibited items


  • Aerosols or any compressed gases

  • Animal furs

  • Articles of ‘exceptional value’ (Such as artwork, antiques, precious stones, or gold)

  • Cash

  • Corrosive substances

  • Drugs

  • Engines, car batteries and other automotive parts

  • Explosives

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Flammable gases

  • Flammable liquids and solids

  • Hot tubs

  • Human remains and human body parts

  • Livestock or any living creatures

  • Organic peroxides, such as hair bleach

  • Perishable goods, including fresh food

  • Pornographic materials

  • Prescribed medicines

  • Radioactive materials

  • Weapons, including guns (including paintball guns and air rifles), swords and knives

Alcohol and Tobacco Regulations


It is important to put together an exact inventory of your items when transporting alcohol or tobacco.


When transporting alcohol, please make sure you include the volume, sizes, and exact alcoholic strength of the liquid.


When transporting tobacco, make sure you verify your freight with the customs office in each country you enter.

Contact us for more information


If you are not sure if your pallet can be transported on our freight network, please get in touch with us on 01327 227 830.

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