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Your gateway to successful freight deliveries in Scotland

Scotland has historically presented many challenges when it comes to freight deliveries, with a vast number of small islands, rough terrain and rolling hills making lengthy delivery timescales, high costs and poor service the industry normal.

Distribution in Scotland faces many obstacles, but at Pall-Ex Group, together with six of our shareholder members across the country, we have been able to offer an unrivalled service throughout Scotland, to ensure your goods arrive safely and efficiently. Whether you're looking for a gateway to the highlands or need to bridge the gap between Edinburgh and Perth, our innovative Scotland Project can offer you the solution to your delivery problems.

Your freight takes priority, whether it's heading into or out of Scotland, with all of our shareholders working together to achieve excellence.

Image by Bjorn Snelders

At Fortec, our market-leading product offering means you have the flexibility to choose the most cost-effective option for your freight, with a wide range of pallet sizes available to meet your needs.

Our variety of services are flexible in order to meet your needs, from premium services that suit you to wallet-friendly options for those not-so-urgent deliveries.

Guaranteed service levels above 95% facilitate a sector-leading performance and provide a robust network in a challenging area, that directly benefits you and your

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